October 28, 2019

By:Ben Freda, President

There’s something we’ve been kicking around at BFC Support for a while now, and I wanted to see what the wider community thought. That’s you.

If you are a client of ours, you already know the value of having someone looking after your site, making sure it’s up and running smoothly, responding when there are problems, et cetera.

But the question is: what else do you want to know about your site? What would help you make decisions?

The scenario we have in mind is a simple, and typical, one. Imagine you’re considering making a change to the site — a new landing page, let’s say. BFC Support says it’ll take about 10 hours to design and implement. Do you go for it?

The answer to that question probably depends on a cost-benefit analysis. What info helps you make that decision?

We’ve been kicking this around internally for a few weeks in an effort to improve our services. Currently, we are brainstorming an add-on to the maintenance plan that would cover this stuff.

We’re thinking about some sort of monthly report. It could cover simple things like traffic levels and popular pages. It could also track simple goals (for instance, increasing the number of people who click on a “donate” button) over time. And, it could analyze your online audience and help brainstorm strategy ways of appealing to them. There could be a search engine optimization (SEO) component.

Maybe it could include social media help, too.

What are your thoughts? What items would you like to see? What issues related to your online presence do you wish you could offload to some helpful soul, like CJ or Saied or Shayna or me?

We would very much appreciate your input. Get in touch if you have any thoughts. Thank you!

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