Category: 20 Silly WordPress Mistakes Small Businesses Make (and How to Fix Them)

20 Silly WordPress Mistakes #2: Not Taking Automatic Backups

Your site should be backing itself up, automatically, on a schedule. Stop for a moment and think, “What wold I do right now if I learned my site had been completely erased five minutes ago?” Be honest — what is the very first step you would take? You might assume your host is taking backups, and they… Read more »

20 Silly WordPress Mistakes #1: Ignoring Basic SEO

If you’re running WordPress, you should be using very simple WordPress SEO best practices. These days, it’s unavoidable: people are Googling you and your business. In fact, they might be doing it right now. For some small businesses, traffic from search engines has become the single most important traction channel driving new customers their way. But… Read more »