You’ve made an excellent choice today.

Your website is 48 hours away from transforming into a veritable Usain Bolt.

Pic of Usain Bolt, worlds fastest man.

Your future website, striking a famous pose.

Here’s what happens next.

  1. You’ll get an email in your inbox from a Dedicated Web Developer at BFC Support who will introduce themselves and describe the steps they will be taking to perform your Superfast WordPress Speed Boost.
  2. You’ll send us your WordPress administrator username and password, as well as your FTP (server) username and password, using a secure password transmitting system called
  3. Your Dedicated Web Developer will test your speed, perform the speed boost, and then test your speed again, to confirm we were able to double it.
  4. We will destroy any passwords you sent us in step #2.
  5. You will become friends with your Dedicated Web Developer, both in and out of the work sphere. At first, it will be a tentative friendship, a bond forged over website configurations. But soon you’ll be sharing a drink together in the evening, discussing trials at work or struggles with your significant others. As you grow older, you’ll have a child (or perhaps a grandchild) and ask the other to play a special role in the child’s life. Godparent? It depends, are you religious? Perhaps there is a more appropriate term, in your particular case. No matter. Your bond will endure until you both end up in the same nursing home, in adjoining rooms, sharing meals of oatmeal and chocolate pudding. And a fruit cup.

“Our developer CJ has been fantastic to work with. Highly responsive and quick to explain or resolve issues. Thank you!”

- Catherine Smith, Architectural Resources Group (Wordpress)

“Very happy with BFC Support and recommend without hesitation!”

- Michael Mehler, Vera Institute of Justice (Drupal)

“You guys have been really great … you are always patient and are quick to come up with a solution. I especially want to give a shout out to our developer Saied!”

- Anna Kuow, Skoll Global Threats Fund (Drupal)